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It's not often that we have to make these announcements, but this one is well deserved. Upper management & myself have spent the past few days attempting to resolve a dispute with a disgruntled ex-developer of G3N. This has brought us through several "tickets" and reporting processes through multiple organizations geared towards protecting FiveM developers & communities alike.

Blacklisted Developers

This news serves to ensure that none of our members, staff or development team are supporting any organization participating in or condoning this level of dishonesty & nefarious behavior. In addition to blacklisting this development team, we will no long accept any partners who are affiliated with them. We urge you to do business only with reputable members of the FiveM community; you are not required to leave their Discord if you are already a member but we highly discourage making any purchases from this team should you expect quality, functional products with customer service to be delivered in return. Evidence including ticket transcripts, financial records and DM conversations are available upon request. As we respect the privacy of others within the FiveM community, we will address these requests on a case by case basis.

Limitless Development

Limitless Development engages in deceptive practices in several facets of their operations: custom liveries, EUP & modeling. None of their models are licensed to be sold, used or monetized by anyone other than their original creator as they haven't been purchased legitimately. This is also known as "leaking & reselling". To add to that, several customers have never received their orders, ourselves included, and are not offered refunds or any additional support for their purchases. Not only is this entire operation against TOS, it's simply unethical. Any & all commissions or creations done by this development team will be barred from use in our server. On our end $175.00 was collected by Limitless Development with absolutely none of the products ever being delivered. Not only is this morally reprehensible but it is a breach of our Employee Handbook's Terms of Employment as well as the Development Team's Code of Conduct; the handbook will be shared in our Discord to be viewed at your discretion.

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